Dog Hero Saves Owner's Life - Keeps Him Warm Through A Long Night in the Snow

It was New Year's Eve on a freezing cold evening in Michigan. The temperature had dipped to a chilling 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Bob had stepped outside in his pajamas and slippers to get some firewood when he fell in the snow, injuring his neck, and leaving him unable to get up from the frozen ground. 

Falling asleep in frigid temperatures can be quickly fatal. Luckily Bob's Golden Retriever Kelsey came to his rescue, staying by his side through a long, cold night. 

Kelsey simply would not leave Bob's side, pawing at him and laying on top of him to keep him warm and alert until help arrived in the morning. After a trip to the hospital and a life saving neck surgery later, the pair were happily and tearfully reunited. 

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